Brands and Products

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Band Saw Blades for fresh meat with bones
BAND SAW BLADES FOR FRESH MEAT WITH BONES HARDENED TEETH SKIP 6,35 mm (4TPI) TOP QUALITY CARBON STEEL These professional blades are suitable for cutting ox, pork, ovine and camel fresh meat with bones. They are whole made in Italy with top quality carbon steel. Especially appropriate for butcher….
Knife mod. “4 JET” tool steel
Unger system knife mod. “4 JET” tool…
Plate hub style D2 steel
Hobart system plate hub style D2 steel mod. 32 – h 13 mm mod. 42 (52) – h 20,6…
“curve box” knife in stainless steel for frozen meat
Enterprise system “curve box” knife stainless steel suitable for cutting frozen…